Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Krita Lime is updated again!

It was about a month when we last updated Krita Lime. And it is not because we had leisure time and did nothing here ;) In reverse, we got so many features merged into master so it became a bit unstable for a short period of time. And now we fixed all the new problems so you can see a nice build of Krita with lots of shiny features!

Wacom Artpen rotation sensor improved

If you are a happy owner of a Wacom Artpen stylus, now you can use its rotation sensor efficiently: now it works on both Linux and Windows, and more, it works exactly the same way on both operating systems! For those who are not accustomed to work with drivers directly it might come as surprise, but the direction of rotation reported by the Windows and Linux drivers are opposite, not speaking about an offset by 180°. The good news: now it is gone! Just use it!

Avoid stains on the image when using touch-enabled Wacom device

The most popular advice you get from an experienced artist concerning Wacom touch-enabled usually sounds like: "disable touch right after connecting it". Well, it has some grounds... The problem is that the artist while painting with the stylus can easily tap on a tablet with a finger and soil the image with stains of paint. Yes, most of the taps will be filtered by the Wacom driver (it disables touch while stylus is in proximity), but sometimes it doesn't work. Anyway, now the problem is solved, though only on Linux.

Now Linux version of Krita has a special "hidden" configuration option called disableTouchOnCanvas. If you add line


to the beginning of your kritarc file, the touch will not disturb you with extra points on the canvas anymore! Though it will continue to work with UI elements as usual!

OpenColorIO-enabled color selectors for HDR images

This is a very huge and really nice feature, on which we were working hard. There will be a separate article about it soon! Just subscribe to us and wait a bit! ;)

Many small nice enhancements

  •  '[' and ']' shortcuts for changing image size now don't have hysteresis, and scale smoothly with the brush size
  • Zooming, Rotation and Mirroring now have a floating window showing the current state of the operation. This is highly necessary when working in full-screen mode or without the status bar shown.
  • Pseudo Infinite Canvas will not make your canvas too huge. It will grow the image by 100% and no more. Now you can use this feature for doubling any dimension of the canvas with a single click.
  • Added "Scalable Smoothing Distance" feature. When using Weighted Smoothing, the distance will be automatically corrected according to your zoom level, so the behavior of the stylus will not alter with changing the canvas zoom.
  • Made the handles of the Transform Tool easier to click on. Now clickable area is twice wider! Just click!

Kickstarter campaign

And yes, today we started our first donation campaign on Kickstarter! It will last for 30 days only, during which we are going to raise money for 2.9

Direct link: http://www.krita.org/kickstarter.php

Help us, and together we will make Krita awesome!


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